A brand story With
impact and vision

You lettring of a hand drawing by Keva Epale
You are the start
of the conversation!

I like having a talk with you and sense Your vision!
We collaborate and design it together!
An audit of what is not working and the solutions to make it more effective
Designing visual elements
to highlight your branding

An update of your visual identity.
I analyse your current branding and web design and help you refresh your concept.

Keeping its fundamental values but also revealing it more

👉  Goals:
modern, contemporary,
readable, efficient… a more personalized website and experience for your customers
& clients

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Print package
Branding, stationery, packaging, …
Content creation
on social media package

Social media avatar, Instagram posts and story templates, animated gifs, LinkedIn headers, ads…
360 experience package
From print to web design
to social media package.

We start from the beginning!
We rethink your new brand identity, values, voice and storytelling.

From print to web, we create a branding experience that matches your objectives
and growth.

👉  Goals:
a 360 expertise with a focus on a sur-mesure brand voice.  
Personalized, incarnated, iteration as a believe!
Collaborative and an educational process.

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Content creation in collaboration with your teams
We create and build consistency following your strategy and growth plans.

1 to 2 months follow up!
I help you stay focused on your values and elevate your branding on the way.

Following the feedback and numbers, we make the necessary adjustments and focus on consistency for your growth.

👉  Goals:
this is even more collaborative.
I see you fly and take on! I can enjoy observing
you mastering your branding.

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New in studio
Brand in motion
- coaching sessions -
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