I am a huge advocate of writing a manifesto to start a project or to re-confirm a path!

I started my freelancing journey with a manifesto, redefining which designer I wanted to become. 4 Years have passed and it still resonates with me:
aligning head heart and hand.

You can look through my first manifesto down below.

Today I have infused loads of my manifesto visions on the website, the letterings are for me reminders and statements to grow for you and me.
But mostly what has been a kind reveal after years is the power of Trusting my hand! Trusting my gut and intuition and putting the work one step at a time.

First visual manifesto of Keva Epale entitled Aligning head, heart and hand.
Lettering entitled Purpose by Keva Epale

Do you want to create your Manifesto?

I wrote a series of articles on the importance of starting any project or business venture with a Manifesto. I use this renowned art practice to inspire you and entice you to dive into the exercise it is highly beneficial for your personal growth, business and branding.

If you don't have a Manifesto or want to renew your values, I can help you discover more from this great tool.

Feel free to read the articles and prompts, my manifesto guide is also available to kickstart the process.

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