Inspire me

Art, talks, music, design, movies...

A set of things that inspire me
from a variety of fields,
every series starts with
my intention of the month
and within I gather what sparked
my curiosity lately
and before...

Directory of Illustration
Series - 011 Month of September 2020

A month celebrating sweetness. We are going back to a knowledgeable way of living, with sweet and sour, but in the end the peace we have trained ourselves to keep on is the sweetest thing.

Series- 010 Month of June 2020

A month with the theme of ''Ease'' and the act of celebrating the things we do with ease, nevertheless it doesn't remove the work from them.

Series- 009 Month of March 2020

Amid the beginning of the Pandemic, a month to remind ourselves to still the mind to keep up and grow. Focusing on things that makes us feel good.

Series - 008 Month of January 2020

New year vibe all about synchronicity, being hopeful and vibrant in my intention but also edgy with my inspiration.

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Series - 007 Month of December 2019

A month thinking about planning and steps to take, but also realizing ''no plan'' is the starting point! Added to the truths revealed from talks I discovered and authors to read and watch.

Series - 006 Month of November 2019

A month inspired by an entrepreneur mindset but also a Copenhagen vibe, added to the will to learn by doing and exploring.

Series - 005 Month of September 2019

A month celebrating the power of ''Kairos'', the right timing for things. Boarding on my Danish journey with enthusiasm and understanding of the timing was ''right''.

Series - 004 Month of May 2019

A month of letting go and following the flow, sometimes it is the best thing and the most relieving thing to do.

Series - 003 Month of April 2019

Starting means to take action and for this month it is more like a ringing bell to start the smallest possible then scale up.

Series - 002 Month of March 2019

A month highlighted by a daily motivation to keep doing.

Series - 001 Month of February 2019

A simple yet meaningful advise I hold as reminder, it all started and starts with belief.

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