Do you know a power talk on your branding could help you get to YOUR next level?

This eye-opening talk will give you the motivation, direction and inspiration to implement changes step by step.

My sole goal is to help you thrive and share how exciting your brand is to your audience.

Brand in motion guide

Are these sessions for you?

I don’t know anything about Branding
I believe we have a sense of Branding because we are consumers.
There are brands we are loyal to; their solution is so valuable for us that we are faithful to them. Why? They have hooked you with their message and brand vibe.

I am a brand expert but need feedback on my brand
As creatives, even if we help brands every day to grow, our voice also needs that external eye to help us craft our unique voice
and vision of Branding.

I am knowledgeable about Branding
Many entrepreneurs are already doing great in Branding by showing up and creating meaningful content that matches their brand voice. Nevertheless, a fresh eye can leverage that growth and activate new ideas and solutions.

What to expect during a session?

Before the sessionI know at this point you don’t know what to expect. That is why, I send you before our session
a teaser of an audit on your website.

During the sessionFollowing the teaser, we discuss the teasing
but also about your manifesto, visual identity,
content creation, brand voice and social media.

We discuss how your current Branding is perceived. You can share your challenges, ask any questions related to your Branding and storytelling from content creation, strategy, team building and more.
We review your values and manifesto (if you have one) and see how we can implement them more into your current Branding and content creation.

Do you even need a rebrand?I give you step to step strategies you may want to consider before rebranding.

After the sessionI review our talk and your concerns and create
brand talk tool kit, custom made for you
so that you can act upon it after our session
(With prompts, key points to reflect upon, suggestions and inspiration).

🔦  I leave you with key points and inspiration you can act upon now alone or with your team.

Bonus: follow-up callA week or two after our session, we have a 15 minutes follow-up call. We discuss your improvements, and you can share the changes you implemented and how you feel progressing towards a more aligned branding.

🎉  A light talk full of motivation. Your results empowers and inspires me! It’s a celebration
time even if you are in the process of essential changes. I Believe in celebrating small wins.

For my creatives• Portfolio reviews
• General creative feedback
• Creative digital shop advice
• Creative career advice

25% discount for students

I believe YOU have the answers,
you know your brand and audience
more than anyone.
You need to find that sweet
spot from your WHY to THEM.
Creating content that nourishes
and expresses those values and
believes for your audience.