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Branding is detaching. Why you need external help to understand branding?
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From my collaborations, clients, and side projects, I learned that one of the key ingredients to understanding your Branding is to detach.

Removing yourself from the equation for a little while and seeing from another perspective how your solution, product or service reach your audience, checking that it does reach them properly.

An exercise that forces you to detach and see your brand and Branding from someone else's perspective. It has huge potential in helping you refine and adjust your future decisions and content creations.

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At the Keva Epale Studio, I have received feedback to improve the model and understand my audience more. Having mentors and coaches share their insights on my design studio has given me a strong sense of detachment. I understand more what to highlight as my core values by stepping outside of my shoes and creating valuable tools and projects.

Clarity demands your capacity to see the big picture.

I have been listening to several coaches and clients, and they have enticed the detachment process. Someone runs through your business and asks you key questions about your foundations. It's never an easy exercise, but a meaningful one to proceed and clarify.

The detachment process doesn't mean you remove interest or even an emotional bond; it is your brand, your vision, and it matters to you. The pivotal idea is to use someone else's expertise and understanding to shed light on what can be improved, respecting your core values and beliefs for the good and growth of your brand.

As a founder and creative, I know my work is deeply rooted in me, but it is not me. I give my all in what I do, but I understand that constructive advice will serve me more in my business growth. Being ready to hear the good, the bad and the ugly is also a powerful choice for your current Branding and entrepreneurial venture.

Sometimes we are so engrossed in creating that we don't see inconsistencies in our system. How the gaps between our manifesto expressed and how our audience perceives it can prevent us from accelerating our brand's goals.
It will demand that external light to understand which key steps to take and implement today.

That detachment is also a reason why at the design studio, we are working on power talks. To help you sense which part of your Brand(ING) needs to stand out more, how your visual identity can be more in tune with your values, how aligning your brand voice can be pivotal in elevating your business.

Detaching is a crucial ingredient in Branding, a catalyst of growth.

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