👋 My name is Keva
I am the one behind
the design studio.

I should introduce myself a little, in a few keywords: design enthusiast, storyteller, meditation advocate, foodie and some chatty talks.

I am a freelance art director and illustrator based in Paris.

My goal with this design studio is to help you craft your storytelling from branding to content creation. So that it says more about you and your product or service, It should feel right!

For myself, it is also a goal to create stories and products within themes I enjoy, in order to make people think, believe and keep growing their creative being.

I realized that my playfulness
& curiosity is an asset in helping
entrepreneurs reveal their potential
but also expand their brand power.

Branding was more revealed and exposed to me in 2019, while I was living in Copenhagen for a few months.

It reshaped my entrepreneur mindset and vision. I was there to refresh my creative genius and found myself surrounded by inspiring entrepreneurs and listening to them did transform my eye on design and business.

I even created a podcast about it, you can discover it here. Podcast.

I am even more passionate about helping entrepreneurs kick-start their business ideas, grow their brand and help them enhance and achieve their brand values.

As entrepreneurs, we are all aware of that so-known truth: entrepreneurship is not an easy ride but it's quite a fun one!

Looking forward to helping you with your branding journey!

Do you understand the power of an aligned branding
for growth? I can help you with that!
by creating a branding experience that matches
your values but also connects more with your audience.
How I can impact your growth

Branding and visual identity_Logo design, visual universe, branding book,
print material, packaging...

Web design_ UI-UX, wire-framing, no code with webflow,

Illustrations_Sur-mesure illustrations, character set for your landing pages or applications, icons...

Social media_ Content creation: gifs, templates
for stories, carrousels...

Podcasting_Design, consultancy.

Strategy_Communicate your values with impact.

What I work with
Adobe, Webflow, Anchor, Elfsight, Kapwing,
Trello, Slack, …
Fun facts!
Indian movies from indie to some Bolly. I am in!
Kpop enthusiast for real!
I enjoy doing vegan desserts.
Fun facts!
Indian movies from indie to some Bolly. I am in!
Kpop enthusiast for real!
I enjoy doing vegan desserts.
_ designing is a building process
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